CHIRP on Python3


A custom repository for CHIRP, a tool for configuring HAM radios.

What’s Different?

The official CHIRP project does not support Python 3 and depends on pygtk which hasn’t seen a stable release since April 2011.

chirp-gentoo is a fork of the py3 branch of the official CHIRP project with some syntax fixes leftover from Python2.

The Story

When I first started using Gentoo again CHIRP was still a part of the main Gentoo Portage Repository.

Eventually Gentoo began migrating away from Python2 and due to a lack of movement in the official project it was removed from the official Gentoo repository.

I still needed to configure my radios and maintain an up to date Gentoo desktop so I cloned the py3 branch from the official CHIRP project and fixed a few syntax errors leftover from Python2 and everything worked great.

I was able to download an image from my BF-F8HP, fully reconfigure it and upload the new image back to my radio.

Repo Source (Forked From)

Bugs and Patches Submitted to Official Project

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