Matthew Poletiek

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As a highly skilled technology and management professional with extensive experience across diverse industries, I have successfully led high-performance teams and executed innovative projects including the development of cutting-edge VPN platforms, implementing Agile methodologies, and optimizing vendor management processes. During my career, I have held key leadership positions at esteemed organizations like Nike, Whole Foods Market, and the US Army driving cost savings, performance improvements, and risk mitigation. My versatile background in infrastructure management, business analysis, and team development enables me to contribute effectively to the growth and evolution of an organization while paving the way for long-term success.

The only constant is change

Why Ethereum?

Digital Rennaisance

Current Work

Building private, decentralized, autonomous, self-sustaining communities. Governing better web2 solutions as public goods via DAO's. Empowering the resourceful to meet web3 where it's at and gear up for the future.